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Yes, you can use it, bro. The Old English Scratch Cover keeps floor scratches (and even nicks) to a minimum. This popular wood surface scratch cover works really well on all types of wood floors. You can use it to protect your floor from scratching, and staining and enhance its appearance.

Old English has created a unique scratch cover that makes painting the floor easy. From wood to vinyl, their amazing scratch covers use a long-lasting adhesive to fix scratches and make them suitable for any home.

This formula is very helpful especially if you have pets who leave scratches on the furniture. I use the FloorMate when my dog scratches up the flooring mat and I can tell you for sure that this thing works like a charm.

If you’re wondering how to use Old English on wood floors, we’ve got the answer for you. There are a few things to remember when designing this type of flooring.

For example, make sure your colors are calming and soft so that the wood isn’t overshadowed by a bold pattern or color. Let us jump below to explore more.

Can You Use Old English on Wood Floors | Reviews

Can You Use Old English on Wood Floors? Not being able to enjoy your wood flooring is extremely frustrating. Your hands get full of scratches and every time you enter a room, your heart sinks.

Installing wood flooring is without a doubt an expensive affair. Maintaining these types of flooring is also a headache. However, with kids or pets around, they can make holes and scratches on the floor fairly quickly. This is why you need a highly effective wood flooring scratch remover, like Old English.

Some of the many reasons why the Old English Scratch Remover is the best and why I recommend it are that it hides scratches on the floor and other wood furniture.

  • The Old English scratch cover lessens the risk of skin injury, clothing damage, and other risks with rough surfaces.

  • Actually, this scratch cover will give tired-looking wood floors a new look by giving them fresh, new shine.

  • This incantation also can protect your wood flooring from moisture and water damage, as well as keep it cleaner and easier to keep up.

  • Even wood flooring scratch cover is an ideal fit for wide spaces that are often walked on. The tough yet soft scratches will decay as they push up against one another, but they can also be glued back down and stay intact.

  • The formula will make your wood floor easy to maintain and clean, preventing stains from penetrating through the surface. This formula is available for light and dark woods.

  • This scratch covers formulas are available in both oil and spray forms. The two options are just different applications that you must choose between.

  • To scrub your floor, flip the end of a broom handle over and use it to scrub away dirt.

  • Old English is durable- you’ll only have to apply another coat again when the scratches become too large or you see that they make the floor look untidy.

  • You no longer have to worry about your pet running around and having a lot of fun playing on the floor. It’s compatible with typically any type of wood.

What You Need to Know Before Using the Old English Scratch Cover on Wood Floors

The product is not designed for deep scratches on wood floors. It will only fill minor scratches and nicks in wood floors and furniture.

It is only formulated to cover minor scratches on your wood flooring and furniture. If you want to sell your furniture, use Old English Oil or Aerosol to give it a beautiful, smooth finish.

A good method to be sure of is rubbing the floor with an old-fashioned oil or aerosol, preferably once drying has occurred.

Final verdict:

An old English-style scratch cover is a way to hide scratches on your wood floors and furniture. Scratches can make a house look untidy, especially on hardwood flooring.

A lot of scratches on your floor will decrease your property value. Scratches that have been allowed to go untreated for too long will be tough to fully fix, so take care of them as soon as possible. Old English Scratch Cover can address any number of surface types and save you money by stopping the damage before it begins.

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