Removing Bona Floor Polish with Windex

Windex is a popular cleaning solution for glass, you can purchase it to clean windows or mirrors. Ammonia is a common ingredient in Windex, which often provides fast results on hardwood floors because it removes acrylic waxes.

In addition to the effects on wax and other finishes, Ammonia helps to remove floor finishes like Bona on wood floors. Ammonia is not safe for your wood floors and I recommend that you refrain from using it to remove Bona Floor Finish.

As you are stripping the floor polish off, ammonia is also entering your wood floor’s pores. This causes warping and dryness to become severe.

There are a few more that you should know so let’s explore.

Removing Bona Floor Polish with Windex

What Can I to Remove Bona Floor Polish Instead?

In spite of its intended use, Bona Floor Polish removal tool has many drawbacks. I would not recommend using it. Many people chimed in about their disappointment that the Bona Floor Polish Remove couldn’t get rid of the stickiness from their Bona Floor Polish.

The Bona Floor Polish is not easy to remove.

As of right now, the only floor polish remover I would recommend is one called Ultimate Floor Polish & Wax Stripper Remover. Trust me, it is effective and powerful, but at the moment they are unavailable on Amazon. In their place, I recommend checking out a similar product- Zep Industrial Heavy-Duty Floor Stripper Concentrate.

Why Do I Recommend the Ultimate Floor Polish and Wax Stripper to Remove Bona Floor Polish?

Your floor finish-proof solution to wax strippers .Commercial grade, concentrated, solvent-based formula that finishes in seconds

With ammonia, wood finishes can become warped, or even completely dry. New models such as Copymatic are substantially more environmentally sound and prolong the life of floors.Bona Floor Polish is a wise solution to getting natural shine from your floors.

This floor cleaner won’t damage your floors like other cleaners made of hard chemicals. It’s safe for everything, meaning you can use it independently to make your floors shine like new.

It works on nearly every type of flooring, including linoleum, vinyl, laminate, terrazzo, asphalt and concrete. While the manufacturer does not recommend using it on hardwood floors, it is entirely safe and can be applied like a charm.

I recommend the Ultimate Floor Polish and Wax Stripper for removing fragile flooring. The Ultimate Floor Polish and Wax Stripper produce no strong odors . Even though floor polish can be diluted, a small enough amount will still cause paint problems

With a risk-free purchase and a full refund guaranteed within 30 days, you can test this product risk-free. It can help make your floor look cleaner and feel more lively.

How Do You Get Rid of Bona Floor Polish Build Up?

I have seen a lot of people complaining about the Bona Floor Polish leaving a visible, adhesive residue on their floors. The polish isn’t easy to clean, which means you have to continually clean it.

You can make a quick cleaning job easy by using the Ultimate Floor Polish and Wax Stripper to easily remove any Bona Floor Polish buildup. Although the Bona Floor Polish Remover can do an efficient job at removing polish from your floors, it takes longer to use and requires more effort.

The Ultimate Floor Polish and Wax Stripper is able to remove Bona Floor Polish easily because it’s very powerful. It works fast, too, which makes it the ideal product to use on this kind of polish that doesn’t come off easily.

I’ve seen people complain about the Bona Floor Polish leaving a hazy, sticky build up on your floor. In addition, the polish is difficult to keep clean and collect more dirt than normal.

With Ultimate Floor Polish and Wax Stripper, you can easily eliminate the Bona Floor polish build up in just a few minutes. Bona white polish comes with its own floor Polish remover, but I would not recommend it since it takes a lot more time and effort to remove the polish on your floors.

If a manufacturer is just putting on a thin layer, Bona Floor Polish won’t come off easily, so you’ll need to use the Ultimate Floor Polish and Strip Wax Stripper which will do the job in just a few minutes.

Is It Safe to use Windex on Hardwood Floors?

Is It Safe to use Windex on Hardwood Floors?

Earlier, I mentioned that Windex should not be used to remove the builder’s-grade Bona Floor Finish from your hardwood floor.

Exposure to the ammonia in Windex will cause the lower layers of your hardwood floor to warp, often necessitating replacing damaged parts. Your Hardwood Floor Can Make Your Whole Home Smell Terrible

You should not use stripper on your floors if you intend to clean with it. There are other products that are better suited to this task, such as a bucket and sponge. Windex is a glass and window cleaner, so it should not be used on hardwood flooring.

Final Verdict:

After reading this, you know that cleaning your window with Windex and not using bona floor polish is not a wise idea.

Instead of using dangerous chemicals, I recommend using the Ultimate Floor Polish and Wax Stripper, which is more effective and has a safer alternative.

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